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Welcome on the website of the Irish Environmetrics Forum

The Environmetrics Forum is a forum for people from across Ireland that are involved in the analysis of environmental data. The forum promotes the in-depth discussion of data analysis and generation in conservation, natural resource management and environmental science. 

Our ability to collect environmental data is exploding, in both what data we can collect and how much data we can collect. Environmental data are a valuable resource but a data analyst can find it a challenge to identifying suitable approaches to analyze complex environmental data. A wealth of data analysis methods already exist and new methods are continually being developing, but navigating this methodology landscape is a challenge. This forum provides a community to sound out ideas for analyzing environmental data and to receive advice from the past experience of others.

The Environmetrics Forum aims to:

  • facilitate best-practice application of data analysis methodology to environmental problems,
  • promote collaboration and collective initiatives to challenging ecological problems,
  • disseminate knowledge on environmetrics,
  • provide targeted training in data analysis,
  • develop an environmetrics community across Ireland,
  • connect teams from government agencies, academia and industry.

To get in touch please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..